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Frequently Asked Questions

6 hours $2,800

The perfect date, for dinner and a show, maybe we go dancing, see some standup, whatever else, I'm sure we can come up with something. 

4 hours $2,000

Embodying our archetypes, the gentleman and the lady, dining together, talking, smiling, laughing and sneaking smiles.

3 hours $1,500 

Transcendental afternoon, bring a bottle of wine and let’s relax and unfold as the pressures of day to day life melt away.

2 hours $1,000

Conscious contact, lets connect over a late lunch, or a late night, I love a good hotel bar.

1.5 hours $850

Anima animated, let’s lounge around, give each other massages and butterfly kisses.

1 hour $700

A quick fix with your object of desire.


Extended Visits + Vacations, let’s get away from it all together. 

15 hours $5,000 

The classic overnight, enough time to dine and dessert, get some well-earned rest and then spend the morning saying sweet goodbyes.

1 day $7,000 

That day you wish could go on forever, we’d start with lunch, check into the hotel, flights, transportation, you take some work calls while I fix my hair, eventually we get to dinner/theatre/bowling/garden/winetasting, and leave the party early so we can get ready for our lazy morning.

3 days $15,000

A blissful whirlwind, the perfect long weekend. Let’s get out of town! Ideas include Vegas, San Diego, Chicago, NYC, DC, Miami or we can go to Ohio for your business trip I love traveling and visiting new places and eagerly awaiting your return from dinner so I can properly tuck you into bed.

1 week $25,000

Getting to really know each other, you carve out some time for us to depart to a mountain lodge in Yosemite or a Caribbean island or maybe you rented us a cabin in Iceland so we can see auroras. 



Passport ready for international trysts and has a 4 seasons wardrobe. I love the finer things in life but I also love the simpler things in life. Road trip or private jets fade into the background of our enjoying each others company.

3 hrs 2,500*

4 hrs 3,000*

6 hrs 3,800*

15 hrs 6,000

24 hrs 8,000

72 hrs 15,000

1 wk 25,000

*only available to Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego and Las Vegas, etc.

Travel and Fly Me To You

I am available for shorter trips to Portland, SD, LA + Vegas as outlined above. For all other domestic travel, my minimum is $6K. For international travel, $15K. I require business class airfare, car service, and for you to make all other necessary travel and lodging arrangements. As far as food, I follow a gluten and dairy-free diet but I love eating out and would love to collaborate or take the lead on making our dinner reservations. I like to sleep 7-8 hours per night and take an hour or two per day of time to myself when I'm away from home. A non-refundable deposit (50%) is required. 

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