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Here are the rates I request for the time we spend together. They are biased toward longer dates that allow us to genuinely connect, enjoy delicious food, and most of all, enjoy each other. 

1 hour $800

An affectionate visit between friends. 

1.5 hours $1200

Anima animated, let’s lounge around, give each other massages and butterfly kisses.

2 hours $1500

Conscious contact, lets connect over a late lunch, or a late night, I love a good hotel bar.

3 hours $2000 

Transcendental afternoon, bring a bottle of wine and let’s relax and unfold as the pressures of day to day life melt away.

4 hours $2500

Embodying our archetypes, the gentleman and the lady, dining together, talking, smiling, laughing and sneaking smiles.

6 hours $3000

The perfect date, for dinner and maybe a show, perhaps go dancing, or see some live music. A timeless evening with enough time to enjoy an indulgent nightcap.

Extended Visits + Vacations, let’s get away from it all ♥ 

15 hours $5,000 

The classic overnight, enough time to dine and dessert, get some well-earned rest and then spend the morning saying sweet goodbyes.

1 day $7,000 

That day you wish could go on forever, maybe we’d start with lunch, eventually we get to dinner/theatre/bowling/garden/winetasting but leave the party early so we can get ready for our lazy morning.

3 days $15,000

A blissful whirlwind, the perfect long weekend. Knee-buckling, heartwarming memories. 

1 week $25,000

Getting to really know each other, you carve out some time for us to depart to a mountain lodge in Yosemite or a cabana in the Caribbean or perhaps a cabin in Iceland. Anywhere we go, the natural wonders are only the second-most dazzling sight to behold.


Travel and FMTY

I would be delighted to travel to your location, and while I adore luxurious indulgences, I find equal joy in life's humble pleasures. Road trips or private jets fade into the background of the magic we discover in each other's company.

My regular rate applies, along with additional fees for travel expenses. It's important to note that my travel expenses and a 50% deposit must be paid in advance. You can find more comprehensive information about travel arrangements on the FAQ page of my website.

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