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Do you even know a woman if you don't know what she desires? 

Feed me

Caviar, oysters 

Organic & gluten-free cuisine 

Fresh fruit, hazelnuts & chocolate 

Michelin stars 


Water me

Sparkling mineral, kombucha, chamomile tea 

Dress me

In lingerie brands for my 32C, size medium panty: 

In size 4 from Lululemon

Gift me

Freshly cut flowers

Tickets to see a show, espcially for:​ 

  • Comedy and live music, the movies 


Cards for: 

A little something from my Amazon Wishlist

A bigger little something from my LuxyList Wishlist

Show me

Museums & arboreta, hot springs, sunsets & rooftops.

The ballet, the woods, the sea. Something real. 

Impress me

With a heartfelt donation to: 

And, since you got this far, you may take a little trip with me 🤍 (click here)

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